Meeting – April 23, 2012

Theme: Art

Chair: John

Timer: Zoe

Grammarian: Edwin

Speaker 1: Alex     CC#6: Vocal Variety -“Accents”

Evaluator: Jordan

Speaker 2: Sadia   CC#1: Icebreaker – “Life and Certainty”

Evaluator: Frank F.

Table Topic Master: Frank F.

Evaluator: Linda

Great meeting chaired by John. We also had Sadia for her first icebreaker speech talking about her feeling with life and certainty. Alex delivered an interesting speech about his experience regarding different “accents”. We never know he has such a talent! Good job Alex! Also a well-delivered table topic speeches for all the participants!


Meeting – March 19, 2012

Another successful meeting chaired by Tom with the Theme:Spring – Love is in the Air. Tonight we had 3 special guests, Melody, Robin and Vern.

Frank F. inspired the fellow toastmasters about the characteristic of love – to look at a person, know their true faults and accepting that person into your life.

Frank N. gave us a really good joke fit for the theme of love with twist of culture difference. Excellent table topic session performed by Paul and all the speakers who take the courage to speak.

Great icebreaker speech by Amy, and she opened up herself so we could know more about her. Excellent speech for explanation of project management by Miroslavka. She made it sounds so simple and we can really connected her example of cooking and travel planning. Linda gave great evaluations for both speakers and the whole meeting of the night.

All in all, great meeting for the night!!

Successful Open House Feb 13, 2012

It was a successful open house right before Valentine’s Day.

Great food, Funny co-host Tom and Diana, new friends Leslie, Jun, Vern and Jeremy, and especially appreciate our fellow toastmasters/area governor Sylvia, Michelle, and Devon.

Each speaker delivered excellent speeches made the night even better.

Mira’s table topic really utilized our brain cell after the delicious potluck.

Thank you all for making the night wonderful and successful.