For Guests

So you’ve decided to come visit us as a guest …

As a guest, you are welcome to just sit, watch, and listen, or you can join in as a Table Topics speaker.  However, we will ask you to introduce yourself (your name and how you found out about us) and we will ask you for any comments you have at the end of the meeting.

Information about the upcoming meetings can be found at our Meetup Group!
Meeting agenda & roles
Our meeting runs for approximately 2 hours. A typical meeting agenda includes:

  • prepared speeches by club members
  • impromptu speeches by Table Topics speakers

We usually have a 15-minute break in between.

Toastmaster members are here to develop skills that will help them flourish elsewhere. As such, our meetings are run in a semi-formal style with a chair and several assigned roles. This allows our members to practice their communication & leadership skills in a professional environment.

Want to join our family?

1. Download this application form and fill your information.

2. Bring it to us at the next meeting.

3. Welcome to be part of this fun club!